Cider boats

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Today I bring you a recipe for a sweet that I like very much at home, especially my husband. It has a little bit of work but I assure you that it is worth it.
I hope you like it and you encourage it to do it.

I will dedicate it to a follower of the blog that is the one who told me where I could get the molds, I could not find them anywhere and thanks to my kindness I have them now. Thank you very much Ana, here is the recipe as I promised you and I hope you enjoy your boats a lot. I want to take this opportunity to thank those who read me, those who leave comments, those who follow me, each and every one of you thousand thanks for all you give me, I never tire of saying that without you this blog it would not make sense!! Kisses

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Cidra boats

1 homemade or purchased puff pastry sheet (mine homemade)

Dough muffins:
2 eggs
135 gr. of sugar
100 gr. of oil
100 gr. of milk and 150 gr. of flour
1 teaspoon of yeast Royal

For the syrup:

200 gr. of water
100 gr. of sugar

Hair of angel

First we make the mass of the muffins:
We beat the eggs with the sugar until the mixture whitens. Add the oil and other ingredients and mix well.

Then we spread the sheet of puff pastry, which is finite, and put it on the molds with the help of the roller, that is, we roll it on the roller and extend it on top of it. the molds that we will all have together.
With a piece of puff pastry we hit each mold so that the puff pastry takes the shape of the mold. (Sorry I forgot to take the photo of this step).
We roll over the molds to cut the dough and remove the excess.

Now we fill the molds with the mass of muffins without reaching up, we will leave as a finger.
We put them in the oven preheated to 190 º and leave them until they are golden.
We remove from the oven and let cool a little until we can unmold without burning. anoint with angel hair, if you like, we can put a little syrup to angel hair but I like it better without it.

Let's prepare the syrup:
We put water and sugar In a saucepan until the fire is about to strand, that is, when we throw a little with the spoon does not drip, but it remains like a thread. Remove from heat.
The saucepan has to be deep so that we can give palette later.
We will give paddle wetting the spoon in the syrup and in the side of the pan we make circular movements, until we see how it is hardening and turning white . Do not overdo it, you have to stay fluid and quickly wet the boats so that it does not harden completely.

We passed the top of the boats through the syrup and let it dry on a rack.With the wooden spoon or pallet we make circular movements on one side of the pan, always wetting the spoon in the syrup, it will thicken and turn white.

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Here it is already white, although the reflection does not look good.

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We wet the boats in the syrup.

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And we let them dry.

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As they go dry they will become white and will not stain.

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This is the final result!

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I hope you have not tired much !!