Gratified grapefruit

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Grapefruit is a fruit that I do not usually eat (only in juice), because I can not with that bitterness that has, that's why when I saw this recipe I said to myself, this is mine! And at the moment I was trying them. Simple recipes where there are those that I have found in one of my books that I had not looked for a long time, Encyclopedia of the great kitchen I take 2. Good weekend!

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Grapefruit gratin

4 large grapefruit
8 cloves
8 teaspoons brown sugar

We preheat the oven to 220º.
We split the grapefruits in halves and put a clove in the center of each one.
In a bowl we mix the sugar with a little nutmeg and we reboot the pulp of the grapefruits taking care that the cloves do not come out.
We place them face up in a dish and put in the oven with the grill is turned on for 10 minutes.We remove from the oven, remove the cloves and serve a grapefruit on each dish.We can put honey on top but for my taste they are very good.

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